Food News: Campbell Soup Pressured to Remove some GMO Ingredients

Campbell Soup Company has just announced it will become one of the  major food companies to adopt food labels that will disclose  genetically modified ingredients.  This is in direct contrast with the company’s prior stance to fight GMO labeling efforts across the country.

As Denise Morrison CEO, put it: “We will withdraw from any coalition that doesn’t suport mandatory labeling.”

However, this decision does not mean that Campbells is no longer using GMO ingredients.  Rather they are no longer fighting the labeling process ifself. The public will know what products they make that have GMO ingredients  and those that don’t. Currently 3/4 of the products made by Campbell’s  still contain genetically modified ingredients- from Corn, canola, soybeans or sugar beets.

bg-soupsLandingForegroundAll of this is to say that there is no question that Campbell’s move to change their behavior regarding labeling and the use of  GMO products  is a by product of  successful political public action.  The growth of geneticallly modified  ingredients can only be stopped by seeking  to  keep the larger consuming public informed of what is and is not labeled a GMO. This anti GMO movement appears to be gaining a larger than life head of steam.  Adapted from Mike Barrett’s article released by http://natural published by Vitality Magazine, Feb 16,  2016.



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