Green Beans – Healthy Casserole or Easy Saute

Green beans are one of my favorite vegetables and are enjoyed throughout the world. They are made up of small seeds in long pods. Because beans are harvested while still young, the green pods are tender and edible. They are available with a peak season of May to October. Green beans grow on vines or bushes. If you are buying them, look for green beans that are loose rather than in packages so you can pick the freshest ones. They should be crisp and bright green, without blemishes or signs of wilting. Although they taste best if eaten right away, … Continue reading Green Beans – Healthy Casserole or Easy Saute

Eggplant Rollatini With Quinoa Or Spinach

India is the birthplace of eggplant. But seldom do we see Indian varieties. In fact, many people assume that eggplant, which is actually a fruit and not a vegetable, comes from the English who originally thought of eggplant as having an ornamental virtue rather than a culinary one. Perhaps the bitterness of eggplant may have compounded these biases further, which is why cookbooks will tell you to use salt to draw the bitter acid out of the eggplant, which can be washed away after an hour of salting. But by the 18th century, eggplant had been developed that was less … Continue reading Eggplant Rollatini With Quinoa Or Spinach

Check out Apple’s Weekly News Up Dates – Eg. A Meaty Issue in China

Recently I began to receive news articles published by Apple, about   popular subjects.  Many  are worth the price of admission — which is free.   See Apple News <[email protected]>I particularly liked the one on China titled — A “Meaty Issue” China is enlisting celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Cameron to push people to eat less meat. If the campaign works, it could have a surprisingly large effect on global warming.     Updated by Brad Plumer on June 21, 2016, 9:20 a.m. ET Plummer tells us that the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines remained fairly muted on the topic after fierce … Continue reading Check out Apple’s Weekly News Up Dates – Eg. A Meaty Issue in China

The Delicious Datil Pepper from St. Augustine, Florida

When I think of peppers or chilies I think of warm summer—even tropical climates. I imagine splashing waves, hammocks, sea breezes, steel drums, seafood, dark, lovely ladies and handsome men with a lightness in their walk and a song in their heart that make cold winds disappear, at least in my imagination. This is also the time of year when many of us are fortunate enough to visit such warm weather places like St. Augustine FL, and try the fiery yet fruity datil pepper. Datils are similar in strength to habaneros or Scotch Bonnets, but have a sweeter flavor. Locals … Continue reading The Delicious Datil Pepper from St. Augustine, Florida

The Popularity of Salads Year Round

Salads have become one of life’s special meals year-round. Winter, spring, summer and fall, they have taken on their own personality. Eaten raw, roasted, baked or boiled, cold or hot, salads have become the healthy, quick and easy replacement meal for working adults. Although children can learn to love salads before they are called such a thing as an “adult.” I remember I did.If you haven’t tried salads as a satisfying meal by themselves or with a cup of soup, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. Just add your favorite vinaigrette to some greens and vegetables, and voilá—a … Continue reading The Popularity of Salads Year Round

The Ancient and Forever Popular Hot Dog

I remember the joy of discovering gourmet sausages on Rush Street in Chicago, working at Consolidated Freightways, the summer before my senior year in college. No one had ever heard of eating hotdogs with sliced tomatoes, coleslaw, caramelized onions and BBQ onions; or, the pleasure of eating a thick, Braunschweiger German sausage which is a blend of pork meat and pork liver almost like a pate slathered with mustard. Sausages are considered among the oldest forms of processed food, that go back as far as 9th-century B.C. Frankfurt, Germany, is traditionally credited with originating these hot dogs. Others say the … Continue reading The Ancient and Forever Popular Hot Dog