Food News: Corn Souffle for a Summer Party

Souffle for desserts or things savory are divine. Corn season is here and it’s time to join the two – corn off the cob and souffle method. It’s an elegant combination you will love making. And it doesn’t need  to rise too high. Recently I made a few with roasted poblano chiles– really, really delicious. Corn is no less decadent and wonderful.  Check out my article next week for a simple recipe.

Vegetable and Fruit Gazpacho Soup for Summer

Gazpacho Soup is a wonderful option for summer time relief. Cold and delicious and healthy too. Try it with your favorite vegetables and fruits as well. My cooking students loved  a recent version we made  with seedless watermelon,  plum tomatoes, jalapenos and cucumbers. Puree this combination and add a dash or two of hot sauce, rice wine vinegar. and freshly ground black pepper. Different and  flavorful too.