The Thrill of Blue Fishing

A summertime fishing challenge and equally a culinary delight Headboats are 50-60 foot fishing vessels that carry 20-40 men and women who pay a captain to catch fish. Rods and reels and bait are provided along with radar to find your fish of choice. My brother and I enjoyed these outings off the Montauk and Connecticut shores. If the conditions are right, you can land several fish in a couple of hours. Summertime brings schools of bluefish and stripers (striped bass) to the Eastern shores that challenge the best of us. We always enjoyed fishing for these species because of … Continue reading The Thrill of Blue Fishing

Grilling vs Smoking Saltwater Fish

Grilling and Smoking Fish are two cooking methods that create wonderful flavors and delicious meals. But they are distinct and unique from one another. Knowing the differences will enhance your cooking skills and delight your families and friends. Lightly smoking your fish will require no more time than a few minutes to achieve at a low temperature of 200F- 225F for no more than 5-10 minutes. Smoke with alder or apple wood placed on top of white coals. Even less time is needed when you poach or braise your fish beforehand in a Court Bouillon followed by a few minutes … Continue reading Grilling vs Smoking Saltwater Fish