New Study on Exercise and Mental Health – Amazing Findings!

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS , NY Times Blog: More people are living longer these days, but the good news comes shadowed by the possible increase in cases of age-related mental decline. By some estimates, the global incidence of dementia will more than triple in the next 35 years. That grim prospect is what makes a study published in March in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease so encouraging: It turns out that regular walking, cycling, swimming, dancing and even gardening may substantially reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Exercise has long been linked to better mental capacity in older people. Little research, however, … Continue reading New Study on Exercise and Mental Health – Amazing Findings!

Super Bowl Eats

Thanksgiving has become the holiday Americans of all backgrounds celebrate together. Yet the football event called the Super Bowl has also become no less observed and venerated on TV by millions of Americans. It will be interesting to see if the viewing public continues to follow the sport as we have up till now with the release of the film Concussion, starring Will Smith. The film documents the risks that athletes of all ages can suffer from sport induced head injuries called CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Do you think the film, Concussion, will alter the popularity of American football? … Continue reading Super Bowl Eats