Organic Eating And Growing With Italian & Mexican Chiles

The other day I overheard two shoppers at Whole Foods having a friendly disagreement about the value of conventional vs. organic eating and growing. I learned that food grown organically has a certified organic label. Who knew? The label guarantees the food to be free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, antibiotics and GMOs. So much to know but as the saying goes “caveat emptor,” or “buyer beware.” Other questions concern why organic costs so much more than conventional foods even though sales are growing by about 20 percent a year, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. Still this isn’t enough. … Continue reading Organic Eating And Growing With Italian & Mexican Chiles

Mole: The Delicious Mexican Sauce

Mole is as old as antiquity. Today this wonderful sauce continues to be as popular as ever. Moles are found across Mexico but especially in the marketplaces of Mexico City, the capital, and Oaxaca where historic pre-Aztec ruins are visited by tourists. Not surprisingly Oaxaca is the home of modern day moles which satisfy even the most discerning food critic. The Town of Oaxaca, which was part of the Zapotec civilization, who spoke the language of Nahuati, is located in this area of southern Mexico. In fact, mole is a Nahuatl word that simply means “mixture.” But not necessarily one … Continue reading Mole: The Delicious Mexican Sauce

Summer Time Fitness While Eating Well

 It’s getting to be that time of year again when the sun shines like you kind of remember it did many months ago, and winter attire has been put away.  Summer has arrived but there is still time to get ready  for that August vacation.  In fact I hear many folks still  thinking about shedding a few pounds so we can get into those slacks we bought on sale after Christmas—and the idea of starting a few exercises feels good and maybe even helps the waistline. Where do we begin? Here’s a few popular diet books and some habits that … Continue reading Summer Time Fitness While Eating Well