Zox Cuisine Delivery Service


We are now taking orders  on Saturday and Sunday and Delivering on Wednesdays.  The delicious flavors, nutritious ingredients and organic vegetables and protein we use in our recipes will continue to promote healthy meals.  

If you have not tried our food before, give us a  call and we will happily give you a 15% discount and deliver without charge. Just tell us you are a new customer.        

Current customers can also benefit by recommending your family, friends and neighbors  try us and we will give you a 15% discount for your next order. Share your excitement about the  healthy, tasty meals we deliver you.   Zox Cuisine  is certain others will  be happy you  recommended them.  Healthy can be tasty too!


Choose 2 or More Meals by the Number (1-16. ) Our Menu  changes every 3 weeks.  We will be adding a new International category by March 11.

Seafood (each meal  includes two sides)

1) Shrimp Scampi + Red Chard mixed with Texmati Rice
2) Broiled Cod + Roast Potatoes & Mushrooms
3) Flounder + Mashed Potatoes + Green Peas
4) Roasted Salmon + Brown Rice +Peas, Mint

Beef, Poultry, or Pork (each  meal includes two sides)

5)  Roast Chicken + Mashed Potatoes + Spinach
6)  Strip Sirloin Steak + Baked Potato + Roasted carrots
7)  Meatloaf with Spinach & Seasonings + Roasted potato + Cole Slaw
8)  Pork Chops + Saute Onions + Mashed Potatoes + Green Beans

Vegetarian Meals (each  meal includes 2 sides)

9)  Quinoa & Bulger Wheat + Chickpeas + Stewed Tomatoes
10)  Black Beans, cilantro & Melted Cheese Burrito + Mild Tomato Salsa
11)  MIxed Vegetables with Linguini + Roasted Sweet Onions
12 )  Sauteed Celery Root & Parsnips + Brown Rice & Roasted Green Beans

Gluten Free (each meal includes two sides)

13)  Roast Carrots, & Peas tossed with Angel Hair + Stuffed Zuchini with Wild Mushrooms
14  Acorn Squash with Cape Cod Turnips + Soy and Quinoa Pasta
15)  Artichoke hearts tossed with brown Rice, Onions & sautéed Shallots
16)  Grilled Eggplant with Chinese Rice Noodles + Homemade Red Salsa & Corn Tortillas


 Add  Delicious Sides of Soup                                                                                                                       Add additional sides to the two that come with each entree.  For each additional side,  add $8.50 / per Pint. Thank you.

A)  Black Bean Soup 
B)  Potato Leek Soup
C)  Tomato & Egg Drop Soup
D)  Spinach Soup:  
1)  The Zox Family Discount Plan                                         Guarantees a Discount on all Future Orders for one year.  You are invited to join our family by signing up for the Zox Family Discount Plan.  It is simple: pay an annual $100 membership fee and receive a 15% discount and free delivery on all future orders.
Members North of Eastham or West of Mashpee will not pay the $5.00 delivery charge but will still pay the additional $5.00 distance fee.
The $100 annual membership fee is nonrefundable, and not applicable to purchases. When your discounts add up it can pay for itself many times over. Plus the program gives you an insider’s view of special offers only provided to members before they are offered to the public, including additional Side selections only available to members.
Keep meals refrigerated until serving. Serve within three days. Follow heating directions.
Mangia and Enjoy!
2)  How to Order: Try us out this week! Minimum order is two meals. All meals come with two sides selected by Chef Zox to optimize the enjoyment of your entrée. If you are ordering at least two meals, you may add as many sides as you wish to your order.
You may want to take advantage of our Zox Family Discount Plan if you plan to order regularly. You can receive free shipping and a guaranteed annual 15% discount whenever you order (See Details Below).
3)  How to Choose: You may select meals from any one of the four menu groups.  listed below. We will continually change choices so you can try different dishes. Your suggestions for meals or sides you would like to see on our menu are always welcome.
4)  Cost of Meals:  $15.00 each meal with two sides per order. ($12.75 for Zox Discount Plan).
5)  Delivery:   $5.00 (an additional $5.00 trip cost is added to orders delivered to communities North of Eastham or West of Mashpee.
We cook at the beginning of each week, based on orders received by Sunday, and deliver on Wednesday. Meals are delivered in packaging that keep them chilled during delivery until you can place them in your refrigerator. Meals are cooked so they can be heated and served within a few days.
Chef Alan Zox uses only fresh ingredients and delivers his meals FRESH to your home NEVER FROZEN. Containers to keep meals in your refrigerator may be used in your microwave for heating your meals.
Chef Zox
Contact Chef Alan Zox
Email: azox@zoxkitchen.com
Cell: 401-741-7459
All prices above are subject to the addition of sales tax.

Money Back Guarantee if not Satisfied for any reason! 5% of all payments received pay for the cost of meals provided free of charge  to low income seniors on Cape Cod.



Chef Alan Zox, Ph.D cooks, writes and teaches about healthy, flavorful food.