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Food News: Pigs Seem to be Flying in China for Profit and Amusement

Here’s a cartoonist version of diving pigs which is a reality in China.  The reality is more sobering. In a Competition at Shiyan Lake in Changsha, China, diving Pigs are popular amusement for visitors.  These young pigs are pushed if not thrown off diving platforms into pools and ponds before paddling back to land. Yet aquatic swine are not exclusive to China. Australia does it too, while Pigs frolic in the surf with tourists in the Bahamas. It seems brutal and inhumane to sightseers in china we are told, but is also a tourist draw and a selling point for … Continue reading Food News: Pigs Seem to be Flying in China for Profit and Amusement

Gov Cuomo is Seeking Higher Pay for Fast Food Workers,

NY State Gov Andrew Cuomo wants to raise pay of thousands of fast food workers by asking State Labor Commissioner to form panel to consider the possibility. The amount of an increase was not specified. Fast food workers have rallied however for $15 an hour. Cuomo’s efforts are in sync with efforts across the country. NY Times, May 7, 2015 Gov Cuomo has taken his initiative to the editorial page of the NY Times where he argues that Fast Food Workers deserve a pay raise. He argues: Rather than pulling down the top to close the income gap….”I believe we … Continue reading Gov Cuomo is Seeking Higher Pay for Fast Food Workers,

The Difficulties in Eating Well – By Chef Alan

When eating is a burden as opposed to a pleasure, it becomes painful to return home at the end of the day to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal. While some of us see this as a wonderful and creative opportunity, others see the opposite. They turn to fast food, frozen pizza, high sodium meals, or take out. Managing one’s hunger and feeding the kids are burdens to overcome quickly. Sometimes cheese and crackers, pretzels and soda, or a quick and filling burrito become the simple way to fill one’s stomach. Achieving flavor for many becomes less a goal than a … Continue reading The Difficulties in Eating Well – By Chef Alan

Food at Large

“Why Natural Doesn’t Mean anything any more”By MIchael Pollan “It isn’t every day that the definition of a common English word that is ubiquitous in common parlance is challenged in federal court, but that is precisely what has happened with the word “natural.” During the past few years, some 200 class-action suits have been filed against food manufacturers, charging them with misuse of the adjective in marketing such edible oxymorons as “natural” Cheetos Puffs, “all-natural” Sun Chips, “all-natural” Naked Juice, “100 percent all-natural” Tyson chicken nuggets and so forth.” The article provides a refreshingly different approach to a concept many … Continue reading Food at Large

Food News, May 4, 2015

1)  ” Imagine Ice Cream that’s Healthy”.  That’s what Michael Shoretz, who runs Enlightened Ice Cream tells us in his marketing. He promotes  it as the “good for you ice Cream. The popularity is growing with 75% less sugar and twice the protein of regular Ice Cream.  They hit $1 Million sales in 2013 and $4 Million in 2014. Whole Foods and A&P now sell the brand.                                                       NYT Business,  March 5, 2015. Seems to be growing in popularity. 2)   “McDonald’s is Moving to Limit Antibiotic Use in Chicken”.              The fast food giant has announced they would begin using chickens that … Continue reading Food News, May 4, 2015

Blog more Easily and Eat Well Besides

Well we have finally finished revising our blog—well about 80%. For those friendly visitors who have enjoyed Zox Kitchen in the past, I think you will like this version even more. And new visitors will find it especially friendly and informative. Tell your friends. We are a food forum in transition focusing on what seems important to know as related to food and those who care about it. Three changes to look for in our revised blog include 1) an easier way to locate recipes and international cuisine on the Menu bar called Recipes / Articles; 2) a faster, more … Continue reading Blog more Easily and Eat Well Besides