Chefs Coping with COVID

The Scargo Cafe is a popular, attractive Bar/restaurant in Cape Cod on Rt. 6. The restaurant has been active and successful for more than 34 years.

The ambience and appeal of the Cafe is enhanced by its location across the street from a sophisticated film venue that shows foreign films; and a live theatre is also adjacent to Scargo.  Consequently, entertainment venues and Scargo’s restaurant are all within walking distance of one another. Personally, I enjoy lunch as much as dinner, so the region offers a variety of choices- food options,  plus live theater, and foreign films from which to choose.  

The Scargo Cafe has been owned by Peter and Dennis Troutman for over 34 years. But their restaurant experiences have been nurtured and refined initially in Hyannis at Mildred’s Chowder house in West Yarmouth, and at Dorsey’s Steak house, also located in West Yarmouth.

Scargo specializes in featuring seafood such as Lobster, Swordfish, and Cod while also serving non seafood meat dishes as well. Their seafood is delivered fresh daily by Mac’s Seafood, also located on the Cape. However, this year the picture I have drawn of Scargo Cafe has not been the same. It has not been easy for staff and owners to live through this pandemic. This year the  Cafe was closed  for two months when the  COVID-19 virus initially struck the Cape. 

In the meantime, the restaurant enabled their staff  to collect unemployment from the Feds. But these resources will expire in August unless the federal government chooses to extend these benefits. Nor is it clear how many employees will choose to return if subsidized benefits are extended. 

Scargo is hopeful and optimistic that its reputation will carry them through these days of uncertainty.  In the meantime, Scargo expects to continue serving delicious meals over the summer months both inside and outside the Cafe. Diners will be expected to wear masks and tables are at least 6 feet apart. Lunch and dinner will continue to  be special, and  worth any inconvenience. Further, meals will continue to be available for takeout as well. This is Cape Cod and restaurants, staff, and diners are familiar with change. The Ocean beckons and offers meals that are unique on this sliver of sand, and in some cases are only available here.

Send questions or your favorite recipes directly to  [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you. Chef Alan