Food News: Food Giant Monsanto Lays off 16% as Organic Food Sales Increase

Monsanto foods just laid off another 1000 employees in addition to the 2600 jobs cut last Fall– a cut of 16% of it’s overall workforce.  This is a direct by-product  of the loss in revenue Monsanto has felt from  consumers who have increasingly rejected food grown by genetic modification engineering of an Organism (GMO’s),  while  choosing the benefits of a natural, organic diet.

godlen_rice_big_0European countries  in response to the opposition many have felt from environmentalists,  farmers and political activists, have restricted or outlawed GMO cultivation all together. And these restrictions are being instituted by many other countries and food companies as well.

The financial consequences of  the worldwide anti GMO movement

factory background
factory background

for Monsanto is monumental.  We have learned that they have lost hundreds of millions of dollars as a result. This has benefitted the organic food movement but only to a small degree.  Shockingly, it is still a reality that more than 80% of the food consumed in North America now contains GMOs.

If you are interested in getting involved in this issue, or merely wish to learn more about the problem, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Buy only certified Organic Products
  • Support  the efforts of organizations like the Non-GMO Project and the Organic Trade Association.
  • Sign Petitions; Call your Congressman, your State or  U.S.  Senators
  • Educate yourselves to eat healthy and to eat well. Our lives and that of our families depend upon it

See Vitality Magazine’s February 2016 issue for a longer discussion of the issue of GMO’s and Monsanto.



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