Food News: For Some, Soup is the New Juice

In a recent article published in the NYTimes, Thursday, February 4, 2016,  reporter Rachel Felder tells us that juicing is too extreme for many of us.

market_vegetables_food_237195-1Ms Felder reports that for the last few weeks, Vivienne Zhao, an investment banker who lives and works in Manhattan, has spent each Monday on a cleanse, consuming over a week’s time liquid based meals.   Her menu includes: pinto and black beans cooked with tomatoes, spinach and bok choy; garlicky carrots, mixed  onions and alkaline water; and pureed pumpkin with cardamon and Saigon cinnamon.  She came to this soup cleanse– known as “souping”– after finding juice cleanses too extreme.

“Cleanses are difficult because you don’t chew, and you don’t feel like you’re eating anything for days at a time. You are just really hungry.”

Ms. Zhao orders from Splendid Spoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which offers vegan, gluten free soups in single day cleanses, with the option of adding five hearty soups as meal replacements over the course of a week. About three quarters of its clientele, mostly women,   choose the longer version, according to Nicole Chaszar, the company founder. Sales have tripled since 2013.




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