Food News, May 4, 2015

1)  ” Imagine Ice Cream that’s Healthy”.  That’s what Michael Shoretz, who runs Enlightened Ice Cream tells us in his marketing. He promotes  it as the “good for you ice Cream. The popularity is growing with 75% less sugar and twice the protein of regular Ice Cream.  They hit $1 Million sales in 2013 and $4 Million in 2014. Whole Foods and A&P now sell the brand.                                                       NYT Business,  March 5, 2015. Seems to be growing in popularity.

2)   “McDonald’s is Moving to Limit Antibiotic Use in Chicken”.              The fast food giant has announced they would begin using chickens that are not used to treat humans.                                                            NYTimes, March 5, 2015.

3)   “The disease Listeria has Led to  a Major Ice Cream Recall.”  Blue Bell Ice Creameries, a favorite in the Southwest, has been banished off the shelves of HEB Grocery in San Antonia Texas.  Blue Bell has recalled all its fronzen desserts over concerns of contamination by the potentially deadly bacteria listeria.                                                             NYT, April 22, 2015.

Tyson Foods says it plans to eliminate  the use of human antibiotics in it’s production of chickens by 2017.                                        NYT, April 29, 2015.


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