Blog more Easily and Eat Well Besides

Well we have finally finished revising our blog—well about 80%. For those friendly visitors who have enjoyed Zox Kitchen in the past, I think you will like this version even more. And new visitors will find it especially friendly and informative.

Tell your friends. We are a food forum in transition focusing on what seems important to know as related to food and those who care about it.

Three changes to look for in our revised blog include 1) an easier way to locate recipes and international cuisine on the Menu bar called Recipes / Articles; 2) a faster, more accessible way to read my weekly food article which is published in the Long Island Weekly.Com as noted on the side bar of my Home Page. And, 3) Introduction of a larger, more participatory blog occupying the Home Page.

Every week the blog will include Editor’s Comments about special food issues , along with other sections on Food News, Food Politics, and Food issues of import affecting Seniors, Students and every day folks and Singles who eat alone. Healthy eating and how to enhance flavor and taste in our everyday lives will always be favorite topics along with recipes from all over the world.

If you have any special requests, recipes you are seeking, or kitchen insights you’d like to share I will publish them here. And if you disagree with any opinions I take, write me about it.

Think of this blog like a forum for foodies to vent. It will also be for vegetarians and animal eaters although we will probably error on the side of those who appreciate vegetables and greens more. If you’ve got an opinion just write us. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

By the way, I am not a vegetarian but I tend to often eat like one. But when summer comes BBQ becomes a favorite pastime; and Fall and Winter bring out the best in my yen for Braised Pot Roast.

Bon Appetite,  Alan



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