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Brunch by the Sea

In 1896 Punch magazine wrote that the term “brunch” was coined in Britain in 1895 to describe a Sunday meal for “Saturday-night carousers”. The term has evolved to mean the wonderful meal we enjoy today between breakfast and lunch. It might be bacon and eggs, omelets and vegetables, or any number of lunch time dishes … Continue reading Brunch by the Sea

The Amazing Dover Sole

Dover Sole is now available in East Coast Fish markets.. It’s delicious, nutritious, and has not been overfished either. Further, the National Marine Fisheries Service which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the American Heart Association (AHA) tell us that a 3 ounce portion of sole is said to have … Continue reading The Amazing Dover Sole

Super Bowl Eats

Thanksgiving has become the holiday Americans of all backgrounds celebrate together. Yet the football event called the Super Bowl has also become no less observed and venerated on TV by millions of Americans. It will be interesting to see if the viewing public continues to follow the sport as we have up till now with … Continue reading Super Bowl Eats

Ajiaco- Colombian Chicken Soup

Ajiaco ( phonetically pronounced Ah-He-A-Ko) is a wonderful seasonal delight that is a very popular Chicken soup in Colombia, South America.  The key to the soup is the sauce you add called Aji and the herb, “Guascas” which can be found on or substituted with dried oregano or bay leaf and parsley. Soup is … Continue reading Ajiaco- Colombian Chicken Soup

The Thrill of Blue Fishing

A summertime fishing challenge and equally a culinary delight Headboats are 50-60 foot fishing vessels that carry 20-40 men and women who pay a captain to catch fish. Rods and reels and bait are provided along with radar to find your fish of choice. My brother and I enjoyed these outings off the Montauk and … Continue reading The Thrill of Blue Fishing

Check out Apple’s Weekly News Up Dates – Eg. A Meaty Issue in China

Recently I began to receive news articles published by Apple, about   popular subjects.  Many  are worth the price of admission — which is free.   See Apple News <>I particularly liked the one on China titled — A “Meaty Issue” China is enlisting celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Cameron to push people to eat … Continue reading Check out Apple’s Weekly News Up Dates – Eg. A Meaty Issue in China