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Hawaiian Healthy Eating

Gazpacho, Tomato & Watermelon Soup Adapted  by Chef Alan Zox, from the Hali’mall General Store Cookbook, author Beverly Gannon, Hawaii Recipe for 6-8  cups of soup Gazpacho is one of  those extraordinary thirst-quenching drinks which also serves as a meal. When  eating and drinking a version of this gazpacho in Hawaii last summer I found … Continue reading Hawaiian Healthy Eating

Eating Well

An Article about “Eating Well” An Article about “Eating Well” adapted by Alan Zox, Ph.D, founder of Zox kitchen Blog from the original article published in The NY Times by Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian; and David Katz, M.D. author of the forthcoming book: The Truth about Food. “Eating Well”  has become one of the … Continue reading Eating Well

Chefs Coping with COVID

The Scargo Cafe is a popular, attractive Bar/restaurant in Cape Cod on Rt. 6. The restaurant has been active and successful for more than 34 years. The ambience and appeal of the Cafe is enhanced by its location across the street from a sophisticated film venue that shows foreign films; and a live theatre is also … Continue reading Chefs Coping with COVID

Springtime Lobster

Lobsters are most often considered gourmet eating. But there is a shift in taste and practice from years past. Lobsters were not considered to be a special culinary treat but rather an undesirable food that was fed to prisoners at the Boston County Jail. Lobsters were so plentiful they could be hand-picked on the beaches of Boston. Today … Continue reading Springtime Lobster


Adapted from the book: The Pink Adobe, by author Rosalea Murphy The Pink Adobe is a restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico that thrives on culinary diversity and delicious international cuisine from the Southwest, founded by the unique and extraordinary owner, Rosalea Murphy. I enjoyed the special pleasure of eating at the restaurant several times while visiting friends in Santa Fe. … Continue reading CHICKEN MEZRA WITH RED GLAZE

Creamy Mustard and Sauté Chicken

Mustard seeds are condiments harvested from mustard plants and shrubs, grown all over the world. Major producers are India, Pakistan, Canada, Nepal, and Myanmar. Seeds are harvested from three types of mustard plant: black mustard, brown mustard and yellow/white mustard. Mustard seeds have been used for condiments for thousands of years. Black mustard is thought to be … Continue reading Creamy Mustard and Sauté Chicken

Spicy Mexican Chili

It may be awhile before you can travel to Mexico. Why not bring the taste of Mexico to your table? On Cinco de Mayo we usually go out to a local restaurant to celebrate the tastes of Mexico. This May we are at home. While staying at home, you will enjoy this delicious spicy Mexican … Continue reading Spicy Mexican Chili


Congratulations Carol W. of Seattle WA . You are the winner of the 2020 Zox Kitchen Recipe Contest. We want to thank all of you that sent in your favorite recipes and photos. I take great pleasure in notifying you, Carol, that your Banana Bread Recipe is our winner. My Team at Zox Kitchen found … Continue reading WE HAVE A WINNER!

Rainforest Cottages in Hawaii

My wife and I found a wonderful retreat on the big island of Hawaii, located about 4 miles from Pāhoa. Puna Rainforest is a magical home away from home covered in fruit trees, avocados, lemons, limes, pineapples, and banana trees among others. Steam vents also fill part of the property with warm and cold swimming … Continue reading Rainforest Cottages in Hawaii


Kim and I had a fascinating day visiting farmers markets on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were amazed at the number of quality products from local farmers as well as local artists. Below are references to those that we found and others in the area that appear online. Anyone living here, or visiting, should … Continue reading FARMERS MARKETS IN HAWAII


During my stay in Hawaii, I have visited many farmers’ markets and interviewed individuals with very interesting products and services. Of course many are food products. My focus has been on finding farmers producing food organically with sustainable farming methods. I have also come across many interesting non-food vendors and listed them with their products … Continue reading MORE FARMERS’ MARKET VENDORS

The North Shore Culture of Oahu: Highlights Winter Surfing & Delicious Shrimp

The Island of Oahu in the State of Hawaii has become a culture of big waves and big eaters especially shrimp during the winter months of November to March. Growing numbers of surfing competitors and fans have created excitement and enthusiasm that grows larger and larger each year.  Surfers follow the Winter Trade Winds by … Continue reading The North Shore Culture of Oahu: Highlights Winter Surfing & Delicious Shrimp

Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce

20  min to make 4-6 servings Sauces serve to make average dishes more flavorful and special.  Yet sometimes meals with sauces are too time consuming and overly caloric. Still it’s nice to have a few sauces in your Grab Bag of flavor enhancers. Virtually every culture has its favorites. I have several I enjoy with … Continue reading Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce

Street Food Mexican Style

 Street food has become a favorite way to satisfy one’s hunger for special types of cuisine. It’s been documented in a recent film called Chef that tells the story of the gourmet chef who cooks across the country from Miami to L.A. in a food truck. This interest in food trucks and mobile food delivery … Continue reading Street Food Mexican Style

Chef Alan Zox, Ph.D cooks, writes and teaches about healthy, flavorful food.